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Date: 2017-04-04 12:17

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Due to the influence of the abortion industry and EMILY's List, nearly every Democratic presidential candidate and senatorial candidate supports abortion-on-demand. "EMILY's List, the nation's largest political action committee, continues to be the dominant financial resource for Democratic candidates," its above-referenced website declares.

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Please read the background materials thoughtfully provided by the Pew Research site. Correctly sampled and bias-neutral survey questions reliably predict the total population opinion. That 8767 s also why Nate Silver and his recently sold blog correctly predicted multitudes of political races and issue outcomes when the faux news commentators were putting on happy faces before their gloom after the last national elections. Wishin 8767 just don 8767 t make it so!

Abortion Viewed in Moral Terms: Fewer See Stem Cell

According to one hospital study, % of first trimester abortions required stitching for cervical lacerations. [68] Such attention to detail is not normally provided at an outpatient abortion clinic. Another study found that lacerations occurred in 77 percent of aborted women. [69] Women under 67 have been found to face twice the normal risk of suffering cervical damage due to the fact that their cervixes are still "green" and developing. [65] [66]

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Which as we can see, your questions are of course tainted by the way you want to ask the question, and group the answers, and interpret them.
To say that most support abortion being legal in most cases. Without mentioning that most want it to be 8775 restricted in most cases 8776 , and think it is bad and is killing a life, and shouldn 8767 t be promoted, and that education should be promoted showing that life should be valued.

·         A similar study in Wales discovered that women who aborted experienced a suicide rate times greater (Morgan et al., BMJ , 6987) [ WHAA , 696-7]

Abortion persists because of ignorance, apathy and confusion. Abort78 is working to change that you can help! Get started below:

because if you never wanted the child in the first place why would you put your body and mind through that type of stress to then have a child which you have then been forced to connect with because it grows inside of you and you give birth to it, to only just give it away. I understand the whole dont get pregnant in the first place thing then but things happen every day and birth control isnt 655% effective 655% of the time.

I 8767 m a religious person but I 8767 m stuck on the idea of that if you are impregnated by rape or such acts then that you must give birth to the baby. I 8767 d rather let the women have the choice to give it up to adoption or to have it aborted. Also If that they have a harmful condition that could pass on to the child, the child can be from marriage or rape, then that they ,again they have the choice to have an abortion or adoption.

Abortion kills human life. We must resist it. It is the single biggest mass killing phenomenon in human history. Doctors deceiving mothers and killing their children.

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